SENTRY noise detection systemfor DB Regio in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

The task: To ensure that equipment and track areas are reliably protected against acts of graffiti and vandalism.

The solution

Installation of an audio monitoring network that comprises eight noise detection sensors, thus facilitating the early detection of unauthorized access to track areas and installations. Even in the dark, it detects the presence of persons in the vicinity of all track areas, thus preventing acts of vandalism and graffiti damage towards the customer's property.

The client

Facts & figures

  • 8 noise detection sensors
  • Connectivity via IP and a transmission path
  • Pilot duration: 6 months

Our achievements

  • Integration into the challenging rail operation environment
  • Installations in track areas under difficult conditions

Benefits to our client

  • Prevention of acts of vandalism and graffiti damage
  • Fast access by intervention teams in the event of an incident