Interactive timetablesfor DB Fernverkehr.

The task: To introduce tablet-compatible interactive timetables for DB Fernverkehr.

The solution

Creation of a digital edition of DB Fernverkehr AG's complete timetable, thus enabling more than 3,500 data sets to be processed. Furthermore, the scope of the PDF file was in excess of 6,000 pages. A table of contents was also integrated, including information about train numbers as well as links to the relevant content pages.

The client

Facts & figures

  • Up to 21,000 chip cards per month
  • Production time: 4 days

Our achievements

  • Provision of blank cards (printable on both sides)
  • Chip initialization
  • Personalized letter printing
  • Attachment of chip card to personalized letter
  • Folding the letters, placing them in envelopes, stamping the envelopes, and posting them

Benefits to our client

  • High security standards and high data protection standards
  • Storage of chip cards in numbered security containers (monitored)
  • Reporting of any waste copies