Mass personalization of chip cardsfor S-Bahn Berlin.

The task: To convert printed tickets (value coupons) to electronic tickets (known as the VBB fahrCard with an "e" symbol) for S-Bahn Berlin GmbH.

The solution

Following an extensive planning and test phase, which was conducted in close consultation with S-Bahn Berlin GmbH, the Media and Communication Services business segment assumed responsibility for the current-year production and dispatch of electronic tickets. As a result of introducing the chip card, it was no longer necessary to perform a value coupon changeover at month end or to issue additional VBB loyalty cards. In total, up to 21,000 chip cards can be created monthly within a period of four working days.

The client

Facts & figures

  • Processing of more than 3,500 data sets
  • PDF file comprises 6,000 pages

Our achievements

  • Implementation of RTF files (approximately 3,500 data sets)
  • Creation of a complete edition that contains all long-distance trains and a scope of more than 6,000 PDF pages
  • Integration of a table of contents, including information about train numbers and links to the relevant content pages
  • Testing of the timetable's display functions on end-user devices
  • Provision of an interactive timetable via the DB content management system (BCM)
  • Production of printed timetables as both a backup and for foreign train operators

Benefits to our client

  • Conservation of resources (a reduction in paper usage and the time needed to apply changes to the timetable)
  • Prompt, fast data updates in the event of changes
  • Lighter carrying cases as a result of discontinuing the use of printed timetables