Energy data management (EDM)for Vodafone.

The task: To work as a meter operator and metering service provider in approximately 23,000 Vodafone locations.

The solution

To redesign and assume responsibility for electricity meters that can be read remotely. This rollout occurred nationwide at approximately 23,000 locations. Once the electricity meters had been replaced, they were linked together and can now be read from a central location. DB Kommunikationstechnik AG also ensures that this data is read on a daily basis and made available to the customer in a monthly report.

The client

Facts & figures

  • Number of components installed: 23,000
  • Locations: All Vodafone locations nationwide
  • Project duration: 1 year
  • Size of project team: 12 - 15 employees nationwide

Our achievements

  • Nationwide rollout
  • Meter operation in accordance with the guidelines provided by the German Federal Network Agency
  • Replacement of electricity meters and implementation of transformers for transformer metering
  • Data transmission in accordance with the switch process guidelines for metrology
  • Daily meter data readings, which are then saved on the customer platform
  • Monthly distribution of all meter data

Benefits to our client

  • Complete energy data management
  • No maintenance effort