Range of services We have everything in view. So that you have everything at hand.

Our services

We are a nationwide full-service provider of a large range of professional services for the complete value chain relating to your technical and communication systems. In addition to competent and expert technical consulting, and the design, installation and operation of your equipment and systems, our focus is on a having a highly qualified service team that is available at all times to answer any questions that arise and to resolve any problems relating to maintenance, repair and potential disruption of operations.


Our unique range of services

24/7 fit for service
Service nationwide
98% systems availability
Supervision of the whole product cycle
Time of restoration: 2 hours
Experienced in big projects
Longtime know-how
Highly certified in relevant fields 

Our company is highly certified

The time-limited certificates awarded to us by independent bodies prove that we not only comply with industry standards in relation to quality but also satisfy requirements relating to security and compliance with prescribed process cycles.

Such certificates serve to protect our customers and employees. Furthermore, they ensure that all of our production units operate at a consistently high quality standard. DB Kommunikationstechnik GmbH received certification in 2001 and has been certified ever since.

DIN ISO 9001

Certification in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 comprises the following: Design, installation, operation and maintenance of vending machine technology, safety and security systems, information and communications technology, and the emergency call and service control center.