SENTRY® noise detection system – Intelligent audio analysis of specific sound patterns!

Each year, vandalism, graffiti and break-ins cost companies a considerable amount of money. The innovative SENTRY® audio analysis procedure can prevent such damage from occurring in the future.

What is SENTRY®?

SENTRY® is an innovative solution for controlling graffiti, vandalism and break-ins.

Thanks to its use of weatherproof and maintenance-free audio sensors, SENTRY® is particularly suited to open-area surveillance as well as detection and alarm activation when a dangerous situation is identified (for example, in storage sidings or on trains).

The innovative audio analysis procedure has been developed in close collaboration with research institutes and well-known manufacturers. At the heart of this powerful system is a unique computing algorithm for noise analysis.

One main performance advantage is its virtually unlimited system intelligence because, whenever new equipment is used, the detection spectrum is shared with all connected systems and thereby improved.

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SENTRY® in your company

SENTRY® offers a wide range of application possibilities because it guarantees reliable detection even in highly frequented locations and under adverse ambient noise levels.

For example, running noises through track ballasts, shaking noises from aerosol cans, and the spraying action itself can be identified and shown on an animated site plan.

Being able to accurately determine the starting position of the actual noise in real time helps the rapid response units to adopt a tactical approach that ensures successful access to the site.

SENTRY® has also proven itself in many other highly susceptible areas (e.g. in the event of a break-in or damage, machine and production surveillance, early detection of wear and tear, and detection of cries for help, panic and disruptive behavior).


Our services

  • Consulting to ensure targeted implementation
  • Budgeting of technical measures
  • Construction, installation and maintenance
  • Training and documentation
  • Assessment of site security and business impact
  • Design and implementation of technical measures
  • Commissioning
  • Control center service

Benefits at a glance

  • Advanced security in combination with video surveillance
  • Ability to adopt a tactical approach towards danger prevention and intervention
  • Highly sensitive detection system (e.g. stress level recognition)
  • Meets the highest requirements in terms of data protection
  • Reliable detection of sounds that alert us to danger
  • Real-time display of perpetrators
  • Precise location of the origin of the noise
  • Connection options through peripheral detectors (e.g. light barriers, motion sensors and opening contacts)

Clients who use SENTRY

Clients who use SENTRY

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