Interactive print media – Innovative information transfer!

High-quality print media with an interactive touch display.

What is interactive print media?

Offer your customers new opportunities to interpret text by using high-quality printed products (from refined paper) that can be consistently extended online to include detailed background information.

Use AR scans, QR codes, cash codes, coupon codes and personalized URLs to integrate film files and other media files into mailings, invitations, flyers or brochures - the only limit is your imagination!

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Nicole Beetz
Head of Sales / Order Management Media and Communication Services

+49 (0) 721 938 5824

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Interactive print media in your company

Depending on your requirements, we can provide an all-in-one service for your printed products. We can advise you on formats, print media and finishing options. Thanks to our highly trained staff, modern equipment, flexible IT infrastructure and extensive expertise, we can guarantee the fast and reliable delivery of your printed products.

If required, we can take over the entire layout process for your print media. For interactive connectivity, we can program the desired code and integrate it into the finished layout. Suitable software (mostly available free of charge from the App store or on Google Play) can be used to read the code on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Design & Planning
Configuration & Data Handling

Benefits at a glance

  • Products requiring an explanation become an interactive experience
  • More in-depth communication possible during sales discussions
  • Online interaction directly from the printed product to your web shop
  • Multi-variant products are presented in a transparent manner
  • Availability of the latest content guaranteed
  • Better measurability of advertising campaigns by recording clicks and retrieving any content provided

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